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Headquarters U.S. Army Armor School

Officer Candidate Brigade
Officer Candidate Course
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

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"Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Knox, Kentucky: The Vietnam Era"
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Inside The Turrent

Bldg 1306 - E Co. Barracks circa 01 AUG 97
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Contact me if you are looking for information about OCS at Fort Knox.

I have class rosters for all fifty-two classes, listing the names of the graduates of Armor OCS, and those who completed Phase I of OCS branch immaterial training at Fort Knox during the time period of 13 Sep 65 to 23 Feb 68.

Other related information is available.

Also please contact me with the names and rank of those who were on the OC Brigade staff, and those who were cadre members of the sixteen OCS companies.

For More details Contact:
Doug Burmester

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Date Line 1968 . . . . . Hot Off the Presses . . After Action Report
(for those who may need to utilize an easier to read transcription, it is posted below the actual newspaper copies)

Date Line 1968 . . . . . Hot Off the Presses . . After Action Report transcription

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